Welcome to the Ronin Group

Several of my frequent collaborators (and all around favorite people), have just got it together to join the 21st late-20th century. The unstoppable team of master designer and illustrator Jim and Ruth Keegan now have a snappy looking blog by which all of their exciting adventures can be subjected to scrupulous attention. Check it out! And feel free spread the word by downloading the 80×15 button in the sidebar and including it on your own page.

At last we present the latest in our long series of nearly invisible redesigns.

The site has always held a peculiar place in my thinking. Not only is a gallery of work that I’ve done, the site itself is an ongoing project for which I’ve been wholly responsible (or to blame, depending on your preference). From a technical standpoint, it’s basically a sandbox for technologies that would be great to implement as standard components in other projects. As a consequence, a lot of tweaking and experimenting goes on.

There’s been a lot of code clean up, CSS tuning, and general under-the-hood tinkering. Additionally, there’s a lot of new content that was never integrated into the previous incarnation (though it was present on the beta site, for those adventurous enough to have explored it). The main new content thrust is dedicated to typography and publishing, so anyone with an interest in either might want to take a look at the ongoing development of the House Style pages. Without going into a whole lot of tedious detail, it’s basically a sleeker, faster drive-train under the same jalopy body. If you care about such things, nip over to the Colophon and see what makes the site go.

And that’s that.