About the Ronin Group

Established in 1986 as a private consulting firm tightly focused on research and analysis, the Ronin Group emerged as a multi-state, multi-national concern – a brain trust of technology professionals, engineers, authors, publishers, filmmakers, information junkies, communications experts, and artists.

The Ronin Group has served clients on every continent except Antarctica (we’re still trying to figure out just how to manage that last one), in a wide range of capacities, from professional and academic ghostwriting to research, analysis, and organizational system design. We specialize in offset-print-related mayhem – editing, graphic design, typesetting, and layout – and maintain a fully equipped prepress design facility.

After a brief restructuring, in which we rectified the prickly problem of having too many mad scientists and not enough hunchbacks, we tightened our focus to that of a rapid response, multi-phase solutions provider. We can solve your problems – or, if you find yourself mysteriously untroubled, we can create any scale problem to suit your specific needs and requirements.

This online community is intended to allow the more far flung of us – and our legions of adoring fans – to stay up to date on the current antics of the others. It is, and should always be regarded as, a continual work in progress, a showcase for projects, activities, and experiments. We intend to implement as much technology as possible to bring the whole wide world to an easy and convenient point of focus – a central meeting point where people can share information and ideas, inspiration and talent.