Favorite Links & Recommended Resources

Since link pages tend to become vast and unwieldy collections of URL’s, this list was deliberately structured to be a bit different. Taking the general approach of an annotated bibliography, it seems logical to provide some description and justification for inclusion here – which rather makes this like a normal links page with some commentary added.

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Quite honestly, the best damn video store on the whole internet. Period. These guys really know their movies – they’re film fans and filmmakers (with the shelf of awards to prove it), and you couldn’t ask for a friendlier, more hardworking outfit. If they don’t have it in stock, they’ll go out of their way to try to find it for you – try getting that kind of customer service from one of those soul crushing mega-corps! (When they’ve gotten rid of all the competition with loss leaders and giveaways, you’ll have no one to blame but youself.) We’ve been shopping there for almost ten years, and have yet to get anything less than prompt and stellar service. Experts in import DVD’s and specialty hardware – and if you’ve got a laserdisc player, they’re still one of the few sources around.



Wandering Star is UK-based publishing house specializing in the works of noted American pulp author, Robert E. Howard (1906-1936). Since his unfortunate suicide at the age of 30, reprints of Howard’s work were surreptitiously (or blatantly) edited to conform with the views and agendas of the publishers. Working with the Howard estate, Wandering Star is meticulously restoring his manuscripts to their original form – but that’s just the beginning. In collaboration with some of the most noted artists of the late 20th century, each volume of The Wandering Star Library is a lavishly illustrated collectable, with dozens of original pen and ink sketches and color oil plates. If you’ve ever seen the great illustrated classics by Pyle, Weyth, and others... these are every page their equal.